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Communication Interview Questions and Answers

Communication Interview Questions and Answers

January 7, 2023

Are you prepared to answer questions about your communication skills in an interview? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most common communication questions asked in interviews, along with sample answers. 

Be sure to tailor your response to fit your own experiences and style. With a little preparation, you can impress potential employers with your thoughtful responses and communication abilities.

Remember that they are not only judging your verbal communication skills but also your non-verbal skills. This means you should also think about your body language while answering questions about communication. 

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

Why is communication important in the workplace?

Communication in the workplace is integral for creating an environment of efficiency and understanding. Without communication, tasks are likely to be misunderstood, morale may suffer and business conducted ineffectively. 

Strong communication skills allow for increased harmony among coworkers, providing a foundation for collaboration, understanding and improved problem-solving. Good communication also fosters a positive environment where resources can be channelled to their best use. 

Establishing a good communicative culture allows businesses to make better decisions while working at optimal speeds. Communication isn’t just limited to verbal exchange; it includes everything from written memos to body language and facial expressions. 

By honing these skills, workers can develop bonds with each other and create environments where productivity is enhanced, employees feel valued and achieve organisational goals more effectively.

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

What are some ways to improve communication in the workplace?

Improving communication in the workplace is essential for the growth and success of a business. Encouraging active listening habits, such as asking questions to clarify messages and repeating back key points, can help improve communication between team members. 

Additionally, investing in effective software that allows for video and text-based communication is an excellent way to bridge any potential gaps in understanding. To further ensure effective communication between colleagues, managers should set aside time each week for all team members to talk face-to-face without any distractions or outside noise. Having clear objectives discussed at the beginning of each meeting can also be a useful tool for promoting successful conversations. 

By implementing these strategies, companies can start seeing positive results when it comes to communication within the workplace.

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

Common interview questions about communication

If you’re up for a role that requires good communication skills, you can expect to be asked to explain in more detail how you would navigate these difficult conversations. You might be asked about your communication style, or to outline how you would approach a situation.

While there are no right or wrong answers, your answers could reveal if you’re the right fit for a role or if you might struggle to keep up with the requirements. Here are some example questions and answers about communication in the workplace.

How can you overcome communication barriers in the workplace?

“Effective communication is essential for any work environment, so overcoming communication barriers is key. One of the best ways to do this is by listening actively and with an open mind. 

I would refrain from assuming the intent behind someone’s words and try to see things from their perspective. Additionally, it’s important to be assertive when voicing an opinion or conveying a message but to also avoid sounding authoritative or aggressive. 

Instead, focus on building relationships with your colleagues by being respectful and courteous in all conversations. Knowing how to communicate effectively has helped me to build trust with coworkers and ensure everyone is working towards achieving common goals.”

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

How do you use active listening skills in your role?

“Active listening is a key communication skill that I find incredibly useful in my role. I believe that active listening techniques can help create a more collaborative atmosphere and more effective teamwork. 

Techniques include attending to body language, making eye contact, mirroring attitudes and behaviours, expressing genuine interest in the speaker’s feelings and ideas, asking relevant follow-up questions, refraining from interrupting, summarising to check for understanding, and offering verbal encouragement such as nods or affirmative remarks. 

Through the practice of active listening, employees can feel truly heard and supported, leading to better work relationships among team members and more successful results from projects.”

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

How would you deliver difficult feedback in the workplace?

“An effective way to provide feedback in the workplace is to identify areas of improvement and offer solutions. Rather than attacking someone for something they have done wrong, I would find a way to phrase the feedback in a positive light.

It is important to provide words of encouragement by acknowledging any strengths or successes that have been accomplished as well. Though it can be challenging, try to frame the feedback in a positive manner and keep the tone respectful. 

Provide timely feedback without waiting too long after an incident. I would focus on behaviour instead of attacking character, and make sure you are giving constructive criticism rather than being overly critical as this helps ensure the receiver understands why they should consider a different approach in the future. 

I would also encourage dialogue by asking follow-up questions, such as how the receiver plans to act differently next time or if they need resources to help them improve.”

Communication Interview Questions and Answers CMD Recruitment

How do you handle difficult conversations in your role?

“First, I would try to stay focused on the issue at hand rather than getting emotionally wrapped up in it. It’s also important to remain respectful even in the face of criticism or disagreement; maintaining professionalism is key. 

If I had to have a difficult conversation at work, I would take the time to listen before speaking and ask questions to make sure assumptions aren’t being made. 

And finally, I would come prepared with solutions so that the conversation is productive and doesn’t just turn into finger-pointing.”


In the workplace, effective communication is essential for creating a positive environment and a productive team. There are various ways to improve communication in order to overcome common barriers. In an interview setting, try to be specific about how you have used your communication skills in the past in order to demonstrate where your strongest skills lie.

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