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Why Good Communication is Essential in the Workplace

Why Good Communication is Essential in the Workplace

March 30, 2021

The best workplaces use good communication to keep productivity and team morale high. Find out more about communication in the workplace here.


We all recognise that having good communication is an essential element in any workplace as it helps teams to be productive and enhances working relationships between individuals. However, until COVID-19 took hold, many of us had not realised how much we valued the ease of communication we were able to enjoy. Now with more people working remotely than ever before, achieving effective communication is a vital part of every workplace.


Why Quality Communication is Vital

Communication is at the heart of every business and helps teams to grow in ability as well as build their motivation. When a team communicates well at every layer, the business will become more valuable, and the people within it will feel proud to be part of something so good.


Here are the top reasons why communication is vital to the success of a business:


It builds teams – helping individuals to learn how to communicate well in work will not only boost output but also give them a road to success and, eventually, promotion. Effective communicators will always be needed to lead successful firms!


It encourages innovation – sharing ideas openly with others enables people to innovate, and innovation helps businesses to grow. So many people are led to believe that good ideas should be kept secret for fear of them being stolen, but if the team shares openly, they will be more likely to achieve something amazing.


It makes people feel valued – when people are offered a chance to share their thoughts, it not only grows the business but helps individuals feel like they matter. Plus, in businesses where communication is strong and open, issues are often dealt with easily, reducing the number of complaints people have.


How You Can Support Strong Communication

You may think that you are not important enough to support the development of communication in your workplace, but when people work together to improve this area, then great things begin to happen. Some of the areas you can be part of when creating an ethos of openness include:

Sharing expectations and goals with everyone so that they are informed and able to work towards them.

  • Clearly delivering messages and taking the time to ensure they have been understood properly so that everyone is on task and feeling confident.
  • Thinking about how to deliver messages for optimum communication. Emails, memos, meetings and handouts, when used together, offer clarity.
  • Involving everyone no matter their paygrade and recognising that individuals will often have great ideas and solutions if you take the time to find them out.
  • Listening to what people say and showing them that you care about it will help to grow confidence in communication and show people that they are respected and valued.


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