Important notice - We are aware of a scam where people are impersonating CMD Recruitment to offer jobs via WhatsApp & Telegram. This is a scam, CMD Recruitment will never contact new candidates via these methods. Any legitmate offer from CMD Recruitment would be made via a telephone call.

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Leading Recruitment Agency in Wiltshire | CMD Recruitment

Discover your next job or find your ideal employee with CMD Recruitment, the largest and most established recruitment agency in Wiltshire and Bath.

Dedicated Recruitment Specialists Across Wiltshire and Bath

Here at CMD Recruitment, our experienced recruitment specialists are passionate about what they do. As the leading recruitment agency in Wiltshire, we devote ourselves to finding the top candidates for each vacancy. Whether you’re looking for permanent, fixed-term and interim recruitment solutions for single posts, we’ll work closely with you to ensure a perfect match. 

But what are the real tangible benefits of working with us?


The Business Benefits of Partnering with Recruitment Specialists

There are a number of ways to find employees these days, but working with a dedicated employment agency offers some very real benefits for your business:

Our consultants live and breathe recruitment, which means we already have a substantial pool of top candidates with a wealth of skills and experience. Our ever-growing network of talent encompasses those who are currently in the market for a new job and those who are passively looking but open to the right opportunity. We apply our knowledge of your recruitment sector and cross-reference our pre-screened and referenced candidates to provide you with high-performers to interview. It just makes sense to leverage our contacts to find the right candidate for your organisation.

Recruitment is a time-consuming process. By collaborating with us, you can save valuable time and focus on your core business operations. With our extensive experience and network, we streamline the recruitment process, enabling your company to maintain optimal productivity levels.

Recruitment can be a worrying time for employers for a really important reason – what if you hire someone who looks good on paper, but they turn out to be the wrong fit? This can happen for any number of reasons and the unfortunate reality is that mis-hires can be extremely costly. Not only have you wasted time and money during the initial recruitment phase and potentially on subsequent training, you then have the added expense of another round of recruitment. Recruitment specialists know what strengths, skills and red flags to look out for to avoid a misalignment.

Let our recruitment specialists serve as the intermediary between you and the candidates. We excel at managing negotiations, whether it involves salary expectations, flexible working arrangements or other benefits. By ensuring clear communication and setting realistic expectations, we foster positive outcomes for both parties.

Crafting effective job advertisements can be challenging. Our recruitment specialists possess the know-how to optimise vacancy listings, attracting the most qualified candidates. We highlight the essential skills and qualifications, ensuring a clear and accurate representation of the position.

Experience The Difference With CMD Recruitment

What can you expect from a working relationship with CMD Recruitment? Here is an overview of our 3-step process for client collaborations.

It’s important to us that we have a solid working relationship that is based on open, regular communication. As soon as you advertise a job, one of our recruitment specialists will be assigned to your vacancy. This means you will have a single point of contact throughout the recruitment process with our recruitment agency. Your recruitment specialist will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the role and ask any necessary questions before pressing ahead with step 2. Rest assured that you will be kept informed of the recruitment process every step of the way.

Once we are familiar with your company, the role and your expectations, we begin the process of finding you the right employee. This involves us delving into our pool of quality candidates while reaching out to exciting new prospects and using specific job boards. We look for candidates who not only have the relevant strengths and skills, but also incredible potential and complementing values. We know there is no sense in hiring a candidate who is promising on paper, but who simply wouldn’t be engaged or happy at your organisation.

Once we have concluded initial discussions and interviews, we will present you with a shortlist of fully screened, profiled and qualified candidates who meet your requirements with a summary of key information to make life even easier for you or your hiring manager.

The next stage of the recruitment process involves coordinating interviews with selected candidates. We’ll take feedback from both you and the candidate before moving the process forward. 

Unlike other recruitment agencies, we offer our clients the opportunity to interview candidates on our premises, should it be needed. We will do anything we can to facilitate and streamline the interview process, including the provision of video interviews.

CMD Recruitment Is The Largest Independent Employment Agency in the South-West

With offices across Wiltshire and Bath, and national desks assisting clientele all over the UK, we’re confident in our ability to provide top-performing, engaged, enthusiastic talent.

As a proud member of APSCO, we pride ourselves on our compliance, making us the recruitment company of choice for many.  We recruit fairly, without discrimination and always within GDPR laws. Thanks to our combined 200+ years of industry experience, we know we can help you attract the best and brightest.

Get in touch today and tell us about the role you need to fill, and it will be assigned to one of our experienced recruitment specialists who will contact you to learn more.

Looking to hire your next employee?