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Discover your next job or find your ideal employee with CMD Recruitment, the largest and most established recruitment agency in Wiltshire and Bath.

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CMD is a specialist recruitment agency serving the Calne area. As a leading local provider of recruitment services in the area, we have extensive experience placing candidates in a range of roles across different sectors. We work to get to know the candidate before matching them with the right role for their skills, experience and aspirations. We partner with a wide range of organisations, from small businesses up to large corporations, ensuring we have a broad reach throughout the Calne region. This means we are recruiting for a wide range of roles, including entry-level right up to senior management level. If the time has come to expand your team, you’re looking for a new role, or you’re relocating to the Calne area, CMD Recruitment is an ideal place to start your search. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

Introducing Calne, Wiltshire

Calne is a beautiful small town situated in the north Wiltshire countryside of England. It’s known for its quaint charm and its abundance of green space, with the nearby River Marden providing plenty of opportunities for relaxing walks and lovely views. The town centre has a range of independent shops and cafes, as well as larger chains. There is a good selection of pubs for those who fancy a drink or two, as well as plenty of restaurants serving up delicious local produce and international cuisine. Calne also boasts a thriving arts sector, with galleries, theatres and music venues all worth checking out. For those searching for work, Calne offers excellent employment opportunities, with major employers such as the Ministry of Defence, QinetiQ, and Wiltshire Council all having their headquarters within the town.

CMD Recruitment Agency Calne


Accounting and finance

We match talented accounting and finance professionals with companies looking to hire the best possible candidates.


Administration & Customer Service

When it comes to administrative support or outstanding customer service representation, we can find the perfect talent for these positions.


HR, PA & Secretarial

We place the very best HR, PA and secretarial staff in roles where they can make a difference in organisations.

Calne office

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Porte Marsh Industrial Estate
Calne, Wiltshire
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Working with a recruitment agency offers a number of benefits to both the hiring organisation and the candidate. Recruitment and job hunting are two very labour-intensive tasks that can take time and resources away from more productive things. For job seekers, working with a recruitment agency can help to open doors, improve the communication between the candidate and the hiring manager, and help the candidate prepare. Some companies also have a preferred recruitment agency and don’t advertise their roles publicly, this means you might be missing out on opportunities by not working with a recruitment agency.

The best way to send your CV to a recruitment agency is by email, as this is more efficient than sending it by post. Many agencies use automated tools to process incoming CVs, so sending a digital file is preferred. Make sure that you send your CV in a word document format, or similar, as this will enable your recruitment consultant to make changes to your CV before they send it out to clients. It’s common to anonymise CVs before sending them to the client to eliminate the risk of bias. Make sure your CV includes all relevant information, including your contact details, work history and education history. If you’re not sure what to include on your CV, get in touch with our team and we can advise you on the best way to present your work history.

We believe that the three main principles of recruitment are reach, speed and cost. Reach is the potential candidate pool that a company can pick from, speed is the time taken to fill a position, and the cost is the amount the company spends on filling the role. The goal of every company is to strike a balance between these three principles, ensuring they have adequate reach to be able to hire the right candidate quickly, without overspending. Remember that cost is about more than just advertising and recruitment costs, it’s also the value of the hiring manager’s time and other resources that may be put into filling a role. Where cost is no object, the company can afford to take their time and interview a wider pool of candidates. But to keep costs down or speed up recruitment, they will need to look at a smaller pool of candidates.

If you want to expand your horizons and discover new work opportunities, working with a staffing agency can help you. Agencies work with a wide range of employers across different sectors, and this can open doors that you never thought to walk through. They can also give you information and insight into a role before you head in for an interview, which will help you to prepare. And finally, they can also facilitate communications between the candidate and the company, which can make the recruitment process more efficient and less stressful. In short, working with a recruitment agency like CMD Recruitment in Calne can give you an edge in your job search.

We place candidates in a range of roles across different industries. From entry-level employees and temporary staff to top-level executives and directors. We have expertise across a range of sectors and job roles to enable us to offer support to a wide range of candidates. We recruit across sectors including administration, customer service, manufacturing, technology and transport. We also work with professional services, including law and accounting. We bring industry-specific knowledge to every role, allowing us to quickly get to grips with the requirements and help to find the ideal fit for an organisation. We take the time to get to know the finer details, including company culture and departmental differences to ensure we place the right candidates in the right roles.