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Salary Calculator

Helping You to Estimate Your Take-Home Pay for This Tax Year

If you work in the UK, then your salary will be subject to tax and National Insurance contributions. To work out what you are likely to take home, we have created a simple to use salary calculator that will take your details and break them down into how much you have to pay out in tax and NI contributions and how much income you will receive.

Everything You Need to Know About Tax and National Insurance

If you are confused about the difference between tax and National Insurance, then take a look at the following:

Income Tax is a tax that you pay directly from your salary when your income goes over your personal allowance amount. There are some allowances that you may be able to claim to increase your personal allowance, and these include allowances such as Marriage Allowance and Blind Person’s Allowance.

National Insurance contributions are payable by all earners that are over 16 and who earn £183 a week or more. If you are self-employed, then you are liable to pay National Insurance if you have a total profit of £6475 a year or more. There are a number of different NI classes, and the amount you pay will be dependent on your personal circumstances.

Breaking Down Your Income

Our salary calculator will allow you to see what you can expect to take home, how much tax and NI you will pay and any other deductions that you pay from your salary. To help you understand your wages more fully, we will also display your wages in yearly, monthly, daily and hourly rates so that you can get to grips with how your work is paying off.

When it comes to understanding what your take-home pay will be, you simply fill out the form with your information and then let the calculator do its work. If you change the tax year selection, you can get an overview of what you would have earned in previous years. Plus. If you are working on an hourly rate and trying to work out how much you will make depending on the hours you do, then the calculator will allow you to work this out too.

Deciding Whether to Apply for a New Job

The great thing about our salary calculator is that you can also use it to estimate your salary for any new job vacancy that piques your interest. Simply insert the salary that is advertised into the calculator and check out what you could be earning. Remember that the calculator is designed to work for this tax year or previous tax years, so if you are planning to change roles in the future, then you will need to allow for this in your plans and salary calculations.