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Discover your next job or find your ideal employee with CMD Recruitment, the largest and most established recruitment agency in Wiltshire and Bath.

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We are a specialist recruitment agency based in Melksham.

CMD Recruitment has years of experience placing candidates in a wide range of roles across different sectors. Our team of experts is dedicated to matching talented candidates with the right roles that will allow them to grow their careers. We provide excellent support throughout the entire recruitment process, helping with everything from CVs and job interview preparation, to providing onboarding support for companies. We are actively hiring for roles of all levels of seniority, including entry-level up to senior management roles. We work with companies large and small throughout the Melksham region. We are also capable of filling diverse roles, including permanent, temporary and contract positions. Whatever your staffing requirements, CMD Recruitment can help you. If you’re looking for your next opportunity or if you have a role to fill, get in touch with our team today to learn more about recruitment in Melksham.

Introducing Melksham, Wiltshire

Melksham is a market town located in the western region of Wiltshire, England and lies between the cities of Bath and Chippenham. It is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Wiltshire Downs and is a picturesque town with historical buildings, some of which date back to around 1150 AD. Melksham also has a wide range of independent shops and eateries, from cafes and delicatessens to furniture stores and florists. The River Avon flows through the centre of town, providing plenty of opportunities for leisurely walks along the river or byways. Despite being only a small town, Melksham offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. This is why it is a popular commuter town for those who want to enjoy the benefits of country life while still being able to access larger cities such as Bath and Chippenham. With its rich history and character, Melksham is well worth a visit for those who are looking for an idyllic place to explore.

CMD Recruitment Agency in Melksham


Accounting and finance

Looking for your next role in accounting or finance? Our team can help to match you with your dream role for excellent career progression.


Administration & Customer Service

Choosing the right people to represent your company in customer service and administration roles is a breeze with CMD.


HR, PA & Secretarial

Finding the right HR, PA and secretarial staff can transform a business and supercharge productivity, we’ll show you how.

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Yes, going through a recruitment agency can be worth it. We have access to a large network of employers and specialised industry knowledge that can help you find the perfect job opportunity. Recruitment agencies also assist with interview preparation, offer salary negotiation advice, and provide support throughout the entire hiring process. Ultimately, working with a recruiter gives you an edge in the competitive job market and increases your chances of finding the best position for your skillset. From an employer’s perspective, working with a recruitment agency can help to increase productivity by reducing the amount of time and resources used on recruitment, so your staff can focus on other things.

You should usually send your CV to a recruitment agency by email, as this will be the quickest way for them to receive and process your application. Many agencies will have an online form that you can fill out, which will then send your CV directly to their database. However, if you prefer, you can also post your CV to the agency or drop it off in person. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you include all of the relevant information, such as your contact details, work history and qualifications. If possible, try to tailor your CV to each individual agency, as this will increase the chances of them putting you forward for suitable roles. With a little research and effort, you should be able to find the right recruitment agency for you and get your CV into their hands in no time.

The three principles of recruitment are reach, speed and price. Reach refers to the number of candidates shortlisted for an interview. Speed refers to the time it takes to fill a role. And the price is the overall cost of filling a role. It’s important for a recruitment agency to help clients to strike balance between all three. When money is no object, you can quickly cast a wide net to review a large number of candidates. But when you have a budget to stick you, you will either need to look at a smaller candidate pool or slow down the recruitment process.

Staffing agencies can provide job seekers with a wide range of benefits. Working with an experienced staffing agency can help you find the perfect job that matches your skills and career goals. They also offer professional guidance, interview coaching, and salary negotiation advice and they are able to connect you to employers that may not be advertising jobs publicly. Additionally, staffing agencies often have access to exclusive job opportunities and can provide insight into various industries. Employers can benefit from using a staffing agency by gaining access to a wider recruitment pool and having the advantage of only meeting with pre-screened candidates.

We work across a wide range of industries and recruit for roles at all levels with these organisations. We specifically recruit within sectors such as manufacturing, technology, marketing transport, administration, HR and customer service. We also have specific experience in professional services such as law and accounting. We take the time to get to know our candidates so we can be confident we are making meaningful introductions with the right companies. We get to know your company culture and ideal candidate profile so we can recommend individuals that are more likely to stay and grow with your company. As we have an extensive candidate pool, we’re already one step ahead in the recruitment process when you approach us. We know that industry-specific recruitment requires an in-depth knowledge of the sector and the role, and that is precisely what the CMD Recruitment team brings to the table.