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The Future Of Working From Home

The Future Of Working From Home

March 6, 2024

Hybrid working is increasingly becoming the preferred model for the future of finding work from home jobs.

 40% of UK employers have already adopted this flexible approach that blends remote and office work.

The appeal of hybrid working is its ability to offer flexibility while maintaining a connection to the office environment. It allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of home-based work without completely forgoing the social interaction and structure of the traditional office setting.

As remote jobs continue to gain popularity, the hybrid model emerges as a promising solution to meet the diverse needs of employees while ensuring productivity and work-life balance.

Businesses that have flexible working are attractive to job seekers. This approach is poised to shape the future of work, offering a compelling blend of flexibility and collaboration opportunities.

WFH statistics by industry

Data indicates that IT professionals are most likely to work from home full-time. In contrast, healthcare employees are the least likely to work remotely, signaling lower adoption in this sector.

Larger businesses tend to have more home working employees, possibly due to better infrastructure and technology support. Remote workers across industries show a preference for a flexible work model to balance work responsibilities and personal life effectively.

These trends highlight the diverse landscape of remote working jobs and the varying degrees of acceptance and implementation of WFH practices within different sectors.


Is there miscommunication in working from home between employer and employee?

Data indicates that 62% of employees want better technology to stay connected with colleagues. This suggests a gap in communication tools provided by employers for home jobs.

This deficiency in communication tools can lead to misunderstandings and hinder effective collaboration. Moreover, 22% of remote workers find it hard to switch off after work. This indicates potential miscommunication on setting boundaries and maintaining work-life balance in a work-from-home setup. This lack of clarity in expectations and boundaries can result in burnout and decreased productivity.

Addressing these communication challenges is crucial in ensuring a successful transition to home-based work and promoting employee wellbeing. Organisations need to prioritise clear communication strategies, adequate technology support, and guidelines for maintaining a healthy work-life balance in WFH environments.


The impact of remote and hybrid options on workers and organisations

Miscommunication challenges in home based settings can have a significant impact on both employees and organisations. When employees lack clear communication channels or struggle to maintain work-life boundaries, it can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress levels. Working at home has provided workers with cost savings and increased flexibility, however, it has also presented challenges in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Organisations offering remote employment opportunities must prioritise clear communication strategies and support mechanisms to ensure the wellbeing of their employees.

Impact on Workers and Organisations Statistics
Cost savings from WFH £44.78/week
Increased productivity 66%
Negative impact on health and well-being 29%
Work from non-traditional spaces 25%




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