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Mind your Ps and Qs

Mind your Ps and Qs

January 7, 2020

Much like other industries, remembering to use your Ps and Qs is a pre-requisite for communicating in the recruitment industry, but you will also find Ps and Qs feature in other ways throughout our recruitment world. Over the last year, we have unsurprisingly viewed countless vacancies which all appear to demonstrate a pattern with the letter P. 

We have noticed that there are a number of keywords beginning with P that are deciding-factors to candidates when they’re determining whether to take or choose a role. We have created the graphic below to indicate the plethora of keywords used in job descriptions and adverts that are also key factors in determining a candidate’s decision to choose (between) a role.

We have also noticed that your Qs are also just as important as Ps in recruitment. Asking questions is one of the best ways a candidate can demonstrate their enthusiasm for the company and the position available.

A candidate who has done their research and is inquisitive about the company and the role available will go a long way in support of their interview. One of the worst mistakes that a candidate can make in an interview is to utter either of these responses: “no you’ve answered everything thanks”, or, “I’m sure I had some questions, I can’t think of any just now…”.

Being well prepared for this section of the interview is just as important as preparing the technical and other components of the interview. Asking the right questions will enable a candidate to clarify uncertainties and remove doubt, uncover any red flags, get a view of the future and start a relationship. As a result, we’ve compiled a couple of tips for candidates when preparing their questions during an interview.

  • Do research on the company from a current news perspective. Look at the news section on the company website or search online for recent news articles which can be used as a talking point. A question that’s consequently asked from this research will be regarded as an intelligent market-related question and shows that the candidate has a genuine interest in joining the company.
  • Research the interviewers. Find out why they joined the company and what they like about the role. People, in general, like to talk about themselves and they will be flattered that you have asked about them personally and asked their opinion. Furthermore, learning about their career path will also give you an indication of your own potential development in the business and inadvertently, you have asked the question on the promotion prospects without them realising it.

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