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15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024

November 20, 2023

A career in marketing can be lucrative and rewarding, provided you head into this field with the right attitude. Marketing is a fast-paced industry and the landscape is always changing. If you want a stable job where nothing much ever changes, this likely isn’t the sector for you. But if you love learning new things and being challenged every day, then this could be the ideal path for you.

Careers in marketing can also lead to fairly healthy salaries that are much higher than the national average. Certain sectors will pay more than others, so being flexible about who and where you work can pay off if you are looking for the biggest compensation package available.

The only downside of this sector is that you might be working long hours and be fairly glued to your screen throughout the day. There isn’t much space for flexibility in terms of spending time away from the desk environment unless you choose a career path with lots of meetings and pitching.

So, if you’re still interested in learning more about the highest-paid marketing positions to look for in 2024, read on to learn our top tips… 

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Digital Director 

Salary Range: £100,000-125,000

Anything with “director” in the title is going to command a higher salary. To reach this pay grade, you’ll need to put in the time and years to hone your craft. Or you could get in on the ground floor or a new venture, as this would enable you to climb the corporate ladder faster and secure a lucrative title. 

As the director of digital, you would be responsible for all digital marketing channels, and this could include SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and display advertising. You’ll have an overview of the whole company’s digital marketing plan and be responsible for reporting to someone higher in the company, using the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Marketing Director

Salary Range: £80,000-125,000

Some companies are still engaging in traditional marketing techniques, so they might have a marketing director alongside their digital director. As the marketing director, you’ll be responsible for managing the marketing team, which could be large or small, depending on the size of the company. You’ll need creativity and a strong head for numbers to succeed in this type of role.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Head of Insights

Salary Range: £60,000-100,000

If you have a head for data and can use it to extract information, you could be well-positioned for a role as Head of Insights. This role typically sits alongside the digital director to help inform decision-making. You might be involved with analysing data or trend forecasting so you can make recommendations to the product team.

Communications Director

Salary Range: £60,000-£110,000

As a Communications Director, you’ll be responsible for shaping an organisation’s public image and messaging. You’ll lead a team to craft and deliver strategic communication plans, manage media relations, and ensure consistent and effective communication both internally and externally.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Product Marketing Manager

Salary Range: £60,000-£75,000

A Product Marketing Manager plays a crucial role in introducing and promoting a company’s products. You’ll develop and execute marketing strategies, conduct market research, and work closely with cross-functional teams to drive product success in the market. This role typically sits below the marketing director to help inform key decisions across the organisation. You’ll also need to work well with the insights team.

Demand Generation Manager

Salary Range: £45,000-£55,000

The Demand Generation Manager is responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns that generate interest and demand for a company’s products or services. This role involves utilising various marketing channels to attract and engage potential customers.

You’ll need to have a passion for customer psychology to understand what makes people tick and what drives demand for specific products. Since social media plays such an important role in driving demand, it’s likely that you will work closely with the social media team to keep on top of the latest trends.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Brand Manager

Salary Range: £45,000-£62,000

A Brand Manager oversees the development and maintenance of a brand’s identity. You’ll work on brand strategy, and marketing campaigns, and ensure that the brand’s values and image are consistently conveyed to the target audience.

You will need to have meticulous attention to detail and the ability to communicate this effectively with your team. Brand managers are often responsible for disseminating this information throughout the entire marketing team to ensure everyone knows how to speak in the brand voice and use the brand identity.

eCommerce Manager

Salary Range: £40,000-£65,000

An eCommerce Manager is in charge of a company’s online sales operations. This role involves optimising the online shopping experience, driving website traffic, and increasing online revenue through strategies like SEO, advertising, and user experience enhancements.

You’ll likely work closely with the tech team, as they will be responsible for keeping your eCommerce website up and running during peak times. This can make this a fairly stressful job, particularly at busy times like Christmas and Black Friday.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Marketing Manager

Salary Range: £40,000-£65,000

As a Marketing Manager, you’ll lead marketing teams to create and implement effective marketing strategies. This includes planning and executing campaigns, managing budgets, and analysing data to improve marketing efforts.

Marketing managers typically start as marketing executives and then demonstrate a passion for the brand or product. You might also be selected for your leadership qualities, as you’ll be responsible for leading and training your marketing team. 

Media Planner

Salary Range: £40,000-£45,000

A Media Planner is responsible for selecting and buying advertising space and time to reach a target audience. You’ll analyse market trends, audience data, and media options to create effective media plans that maximise the impact of advertising campaigns.

Media planners are typically very confident with numbers as they will be handling complex budgets and need to be able to report on their work with ease. Media planners typically work below the marketing director and alongside traditional marketing managers.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Content Marketing Manager

Salary Range: £40,000-£60,000

Content Marketing Managers are focused on creating and distributing valuable, engaging content to attract and retain customers. You’ll develop content strategies, manage content production, and measure the success of content marketing initiatives.

Content marketing is a constantly evolving field and the best content marketing managers know that they need to always be updating their skills. They will often manage a team of freelance writers to help meet their content requirements. They will often report to the marketing director as one of the key marketing contacts within a company.

Events Manager

Salary Range: £35,000-£60,000

Events Managers organise and coordinate various types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, or corporate gatherings. This role involves planning, logistics, budgeting, and ensuring events run smoothly and meet their objectives.

Working as an events manager might seem like a glitzy role, but the reality is often very different. You’ll be expected to put in long hours in the run-up to the event and you’ll be on call throughout the event to deal with any problems as they arise. So the possibility of being able to enjoy the events that you organise is very slim. That said, it can still be hugely rewarding to see lots of other people enjoying something that you have put a lot of effort into organising.

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

SEO Manager

Salary Range: £35,000-£60,000

An SEO Manager is responsible for improving a company’s online visibility in search engine results. You’ll work on optimising website content, keywords, and technical aspects to increase organic traffic and rankings.

This role can either be very technical, or it can be more content-driven. You may have the flexibility to shape the role as you wish, but you will need to have an understanding of both sides of the role to succeed. SEO managers will usually start at SEO executives and then be promoted based on their leadership or client management qualities. 

PPC Manager

Salary Range: £35,000-£60,000

A PPC Manager oversees pay-per-click advertising campaigns, such as Google AdWords. You’ll manage budgets, bid strategies, and ad placements to drive targeted traffic and conversions for a company’s products or services.

Like SEO managers, this role can be both technical and creative. Having a way with language and confidence with numbers will serve you well. PPC managers will typically start in PPC executive roles. In an agency, you will likely be promoted based on your client management skills, while in-house PPC executives are often promoted for their leadership potential. 

15 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs To Go for in 2024 CMD Recruitment

Social Media Manager     

Salary Range: £30,000-£55,000

Social Media Managers are in charge of an organisation’s social media presence. They create and implement social media strategies, engage with the audience, and monitor social media metrics to achieve marketing goals.

You’ll need to be able to stay on top of the latest trends and understand how to reach a wide range of people using social media. Being active on all platforms is usually essential for success in this role. The social media manager is one of the highest-paying marketing roles that can often be an entry-level role.

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