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Writing Your Resignation Letter: A Guide for Professionals

Writing Your Resignation Letter: A Guide for Professionals

May 6, 2021

Writing a resignation letter well is the difference between leaving the door open and slamming it shut. Let CMD Recruitment help you out.

When you have been offered a new and exciting job, it can be easy to write a resignation letter than details all your gripes with your current employer as a final hurrah before you leave. However appealing this may seem, it is not the right course of action.

Instead, you should always focus on maintaining the professionalism you display on a daily basis and leave with the ability to go back should you ever need to. Take a look at some of our tips to help you craft the best possible resignation letter.


Get the Basics Right

Resignation letters are a formal notification that you are leaving your employment and are an opportunity for you to leave a positive impression on your employer. The good news is that a resignation letter does not need to be lengthy. You should include the following basic details to ensure that your employer is clear on what your plans are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date
  • Your intention to resign
  • The date you are resigning
  • Your signature


What You Should and Should Not Include

A resignation does not need to be an essay, and most employers will appreciate it if you keep it brief. However, you should include the fact that you are resigning, the date you are leaving, what you are moving on to do and offering thanks for the opportunity to work for the company.


Writing your resignation is not meant to be a cathartic and emotional experience. Instead, you should stick to the facts and keep a professional tone. Whatever you do, avoid listing any complaints you may have with your employer or members of your team. But, if you do have any complaints or issues to raise, then request an exit interview with HR.


When to Hand Your Resignation In

Handing your resignation in can be exciting and scary, but make sure that you arrange a time with your manager to pass it over and explain that you are leaving. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t be the person that leaves it on someone’s desk as they are leaving for the day as this is discourteous and rude.


If you are keen to get your resignation written and handed in, then make sure that you do not do it until you have written confirmation of your unconditional job offer. The recruitment process is not always easy to navigate, but you should wait for all the checks and references to come back before you hand your notice in. This way, you won’t be left jobless if something goes wrong.


Career Advice From the CMD Recruitment Team

At CMD Recruitment, we take pride in supporting individuals to find the career that they want to achieve. If you need some help defining your career path, then let our team help you. Call CMD Recruitment today – we are ready to help!


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