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A Guide To Introducing Virtually-Employed Hires Back To The Office

A Guide To Introducing Virtually-Employed Hires Back To The Office

July 15, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many companies making salary cuts and letting employees go. However, others have flourished and have actually had to increase their workforce in order to meet the higher market demand. In such cases, the process of recruitment will often have been managed online, with a virtual interview process and this has meant that new hires haven’t been traditionally introduced to their team.

Now that we’re taking steps to return to “normal” it’s important to ensure that new, virtually-hired employees can onboard successfully when they go back to the office. So, here are a few top tips to smooth your way.

Prepare Your Existing Team

Although new hires probably don’t expect a welcoming party since they’ve been working for the company for some time already, albeit remotely, they should still feel welcome to the team instead of standing out as being new. You can achieve this by letting the remainder of the team know that new hires will be arriving, either in person or by email, and include information about their job title and name so that they’ll be well-prepared when the new individuals come through the door.

Recap The Contributions They Made In Lockdown

Especially in a larger workplace, it’s possible that employees won’t know what the role of the new person is, or what they’ve been working on during the lockdown. It’s important to acknowledge the achievements of new hires in front of the team and set them up for a positive first impression.

Mention all the projects that the new workers have contributed to during lockdown so that their colleagues can understand their weaknesses and strengths. This will also be a good starting point when it comes to improving office relationships and sparking new conversations.

Teach New Hires About The Company’s Culture

Too many companies make a serious error by ending the new hire onboarding experience after the introductory speeches and welcomes. When that happens, new employees often discover they’re in an awkward situation where they worry about asking for help or what the procedure is for certain tasks. When employees have been working remotely, the environment was very different, naturally, to that of the office.

Therefore, it’s essential to explore new hires to your organisation’s culture. Make them aware of the do’s and don’ts of the office, let them know who they can come to if they require any assistance, and what they could do in order to develop their skills further. Consider arranging a casual, informal get together for all the employees, including new hires, in the office so that newcomers feel more comfortable discussing company culture and asking any office-related questions they may have.

Although it isn’t always easy to introduce remotely-hired new employees to the office environment, it can certainly be achieved seamlessly if you follow the tips and advice set out here. By taking the time to prepare both the new workers and existing employees, everything should run smoothly.

If you are looking to add to your team, our expert consultants are here to help. We have also invested in the number 1 video interviewing software tool should you still be looking to recruit virtually. Give us a call today!

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