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CMD Recruitment are the leading independant recruiters in the South West. We find the talent to take your company to new heights.

CMD Charity 2020

CMD 2020 Charity CMD Recruitment

Whats our aim?

We hope to raise a total of £10,800 across the course of 2020 to support 3 children through Youth Adventure Trust’s programme. They are a wonderful charity inspiring young lives to achieve.

A bit about Youth Adventure Trust

It is easy to forget that for a vulnerable 11 or 12-year-old the world can be a confusing and daunting place often because of circumstances out of their control. It may be school ground politics, or chaotic home lives, the pressure of being a young carer, the erosion of self-esteem due to bullying, or a lack of positive role models.

The hurdles they face often seem insurmountable, but Youth Adventure Trust believes that engaging with these typically hard to reach young people at an early stage and supporting them for three academic years will have a real impact on their futures. Their programme empowers them to make sound decisions, form positive friendships, exceed expectations and achieve their full potential. Outdoor adventure inspires them, making a lasting difference in their lives. To learn more about the fantastic work Youth Adventure Trust do, feel free to visit their site at

Here at CMD Recruitment, we are aiming to make it happen for 3 young lives. Please stay tuned for our up and coming charity events in the hope to reach our target for Youth Adventure Trust.

If anyone would like more information or interested in helping us achieve our target, please get in touch or donate at