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6 Steps to finding the best employees for your business

6 Steps to finding the best employees for your business

March 19, 2022

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” Jorge Paulo Lemann

This may be a simple quote but the most successful companies abide by its message. They understand that without great staff, even the best organisations may eventually flounder and fail. Equally so, by looking after employees and ensuring their happiness, the business has a far greater chance of success.

A vital resource

Every organisation needs to locate and hold onto high-quality staff. A company’s employees are its most vital resource, helping to build brand identity. Think of your people as ambassadors of the company and you will understand why taking steps to find the best employees is so important. It’s also worth mentioning the costs of recruitment, training and rehiring. Any company that has a high turnover in staff is not only going to be wasting money but they will eventually be thought of as the type of employer to be avoided. The company’s reputation can suffer, as the word on the street will be that people are leaving for a reason. This, in turn, harms the morale of existing staff, causing them to question their reasons for staying.

Six steps to finding the best employees

Take the right steps to find the best employees if you want your company’s profitability to improve. Interviewers should look for recruits that are passionate about their career and committed to the long term. They need to be compatible with the company culture and able to fit in well with the current team. If they were well-liked by their last employer, this indicates that they have good potential. Interviewers should sift through all potential candidates, looking for those that stand out for all the right reasons.

Follow these six steps to find the best employees and not only will your business benefit but you will save time and spend less on recruitment:

  1. Focus on getting to know the candidate. What is important here is understanding what makes them tick. Many of our applicants use video CVs to add a personal touch. You should evaluate their skills, attitude, capabilities and potential to be a good fit for the vacancy. You can avoid attracting the wrong specification of person by wording the job advertisement very carefully. Make sure it specifies not only the responsibilities of the role but the experience, education and skills that are essential.
  2. Use an interview panel. You may also wish to use an interview panel rather than just one person as this way you get a good mix of opinions, all going towards selecting the most suitable new employee. Look for someone who will commit. If the applicant’s CV shows that they have changed jobs frequently, beware. Ask them why this was the case. If they had their eye on obtaining a higher salary more than being committed to their employer, this is a red flag.
  3. Check out their skills. Testing candidates is not always easy but it helps to eradicate those who have exaggerated on their CV.  Devise a way of assessing their skills and potential learning ability. They may be extremely confident but is this hiding the fact that they are being less than truthful about their potential ability and educational achievements?
  4. Are they compatible? Your company’s culture is very specific. Consider how the person sitting in front of you will fit in with other team members, including management. It’s also worth evaluating their client business relationships; if their current clients love them now, so may yours. Avoid applicants that are arrogant or over-confident, as much of the personality they put across could be fictitious. Ask yourself if they seem willing to learn and go the extra mile to delight your customers. If they have had problems in the past with disciplinary proceedings or tribunals, find out why. You must not be unfair and biased but it is worth digging deep to avoid hiring a candidate that may be problematic.
  5. Ask the right questions. You should devise a list of questions in advance that will reveal the true potential of the candidate. The interviewer’s job is to evaluate their capabilities, attitude and skills. The interview process needs to reveal the person behind the CV, not being used purely to check out a list of qualifications and past jobs.
  6. Check out their social media. Anything that is out there on the internet is in the public domain, so don’t feel like you are snooping. Many employers use social media to dig deep and glean an idea of the applicant’s personality, hobbies and business potential. As well as Facebook and similar sites, look at LinkedIn. Most people in the business world have a LinkedIn profile and this may tell you things that they have not mentioned on their CV or in their covering letter. The other good thing about social media is that you can use it to bolster your recruitment advertising, with the main campaign being carried out on high-quality job sites such as


No matter how busy your HR department or personnel are involved in the procedure, it is bad business to rush candidates through the interview process quickly. If you are working with a recruitment company, they will sift through all potential applications, making sure that you are left with only the cream of the crop. This makes the interview procedure a lot less cumbersome and you have a far better chance of identifying the right person for the role. You need the selected candidate to be with your company for the long term so it is logical to follow these six steps carefully. Remember the quote, “The greatest asset of a company is its people” and put the effort required into fulfilling your company recruitment process in the right way.

The team at CMD Recruitment can help with all types of recruitment queries, including identifying the best employees. Our website provides a facility for employers to list their vacancies. You are then provided with your consultant who will help find the perfect candidate. With a combined experience of 100 years, many of our team members come from a FTSE 100 background. Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about how we help you to find the best employees.

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