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Video Interviewing for Recruitment Process

Video Interviewing for Recruitment Process

July 7, 2020

With many conversations relating to video interviewing and a large number of companies transforming their recruitment process to include it, is the trend here to stay?

Jess Manterfield, covers some fact-finding results on whether video interviewing actually benefits the recruitment process. 

Did you know that adding pre-recorded videos to the beginning of the recruitment process helps deliver a more appealing process, as candidates are given a chance to present themselves beyond their CV?

Beyond the necessity of having to embrace and implement video interviewing, you may find it adds value to your recruitment process.


Here’s what we’ve found out: 

  1. It lowers the cost of travel, venue hire, lodgings, and other potential expenses incurred for interviewing.
  2. In addition to lowering costs, it lowers time allotted for an interview. With no need for travel, both parties can go back to their regular activities as soon as they are done with the interview, increasing productivity.
  3. Interviewing back to back all day can sometimes leave you blurring candidates together. Via video interviewing, you can re-watch pre-recorded videos, ensuring you don’t miss out on that top talent. It also gives you the valued opportunity of being able to review and compare candidates’ recordings.
  4. Set question video interviews allow candidates to be more relaxed as they can answer the question at their own pace. They also gain valuable insight into how interviews work and what the recruiters want, so they will be less nervous the second time around, even if the interview is conducted in person.
  5. Reducing time on no-shows. Waiting for a no-show candidate to arrive for an interview you’ve spent time setting up is rather frustrating. If they fail to answer the video call, you’ve not wasted any time preparing or waiting for the candidate to arrive.
  6. Pre-recorded interviews take away interview scheduling. Creating a first round of interviews via set questions which the candidates can answer in their own time, reduces the time needed to schedule all the interviews and sit through the break times between candidates, allowing you to sit back and wait for all candidate responses to be in by a set day/time.
  7. Increasing a consistent interview process. With all candidates given the same first set of allotted questions, you ensure your interview process remains consistent. This gives each candidate a fair process and the same fixed time to respond.
  8. Reducing bias. With a once only interview, your mood that day could determine your response. If you’re slightly irritable or tired you may not be as attentive to the candidates’ interview. By conducting pre-recorded video interviewing, you can make sure you are in an unbiased state of mind before watching the video. Or give
  9. the video a second chance on another day and realise you misread the situation. Geographical freedom. If you are recruiting someone for a completely remote working position or an alternative office to yourself, video interviewing allows you to expand your original pool of candidates. Also, if you are speaking to a great candidate simply working in another country currently, this offers a perfect solution. Without you or them having to travel hundreds of miles, you can interview candidates wherever they are in the world.
  10. Improve performance tracking. With all your interview responses collated in one place, it is easy to identify which questions worked well in the interview or what your top-performing candidates had in common when responding. This allows you to edit and revamp your recruitment process easily to ensure you are securing that top tier talent.


Are The Benefits Worth It? 

Nonetheless, do these benefits outweigh the same feeling you get when meeting candidates face to face? Or the same feeling a candidate gets when they walk into your office? Can it replace that gut feeling of belonging?

Video interviewing and CV videos are certainly enhancing the beginning of the recruitment process. They are speeding up the screening process and allowing candidates to showcase themselves further than just the words on their CV: providing an efficient qualifying process.

Being thrown into a world where we must adapt has allowed the recruitment industry to take great leaps in fore-fronting video curriculums and video interviewing. However, there is further work to be done if we are to ever create a seamless virtual recruitment process.

Our video interviewing platform has been created to fit with your recruitment process, whether that be a list of set questions, one-way or two-way calls, pre-recorded or live. We are more than happy to discuss the best options available to fit with your recruitment style. Working as a part of your team, to help you secure that top tier talent.

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