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CMD Recruitment are the leading independant recruiters in the South West. We find the talent to take your company to new heights.

Video CV's

With the recruitment process transforming into a more virtual experience, it’s time to become comfortable in front of the camera.

Over 89% of employers said they would watch video CV’s. The digital world is advancing, and remote working is excelling, pathing the way for video CV’s and virtual interviews to become a permanent part of the recruitment process. So, why not get ahead today?

The video CV empowers you to become more than just a bit of paper and put the personal touch into your CV – allowing you to stand out in the job market and enhance how much we can help.

If you are new to videos, we know this can be a daunting experience. To help support you, our software lets you take as many attempts as you like until you feel you have the perfect video CV. That way, you are in charge on what you submit and can rest assured you are 100% happy.

If you are looking for a new job and want to get involved, follow our link to create a video CV today.


We also have a collection of blogs available to help you script a great video CV or use our 10 easy steps to create the perfect video CV for a job application.

Nonetheless, we are here to support you. So, if you would like a chat with our expert consultants more on how best to create a video CV, contact us.