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How to create a great CV on Video

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We’re all used to going through the interview process and talking through our CVs with potential employers.  It might be one of the more monotonous parts of the interview but there is no way around it. No matter the position you are applying for, more often than not the interviewer will want to hear you talk about your CV.  It gives them a chance to see how you interact and also how you relate to the content. But there is another way of doing this – one you may not have thought of previously. How about putting your CV onto video? Over 89% of employers said they would watch a video CV so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get yourself seen and heard.

How to create a great CV on Video CMD Recruitment

Video and your CV

These days, everything is going digital and that includes CVs. Add into the mix the Covid pandemic causing many interviews to be via video and getting your CV made digital makes sense. If you are given the choice of a live video or pre-recorded option, choose the latter. That’s because pre-recorded videos are bound to be more slick and professional if you take the necessary time to prepare. This will allow you to create a script that showcases your personality whilst simultaneously answering the majority of the questions that any employer would ask.

The CV recording

You may wish to keep a copy of your written CV in front of you to refer to, or even a set script.  Have several dry runs where you record and then delete, improving your presentation each time. You should be looking at the camera the majority of the time, not the written CV or script. You may be surprised at how you come across on video if you have never done this before.  Whereas some people are natural and very relaxed, others can struggle, experiencing nerves or performance anxiety. Make the recording in a quiet room with a neutral background. Dress as you would for work. Make sure that the lighting is bright and that you are not sitting in shadow. Your speech also needs to be clear and easy to understand. It doesn’t matter if you have an accent but you do need to speak at a measured pace, with every word being clear. By having several trial runs you will also have a good opportunity to check the reliability of your internet connection, microphone, audio and webcam.

Making your CV digital

The key to perfection is to never rush the preparation; read through the CV-related script several times and then rehearse it. Whether you create the video yourself or get someone to do it for you, professionalism is what counts. You need to come across as composed, confident, articulate and knowledgeable on your topic. Don’t make the video too long – five minutes is perfect which is about 750 words as far as your script is concerned. Don’t be too dry or robotic – if you can, let your personality shine through as this will make your CV stand out from the rest. Once you have run through your CV, starting with your oldest position first and working up to where you are now, it’s a good idea to put yourself in the hot seat. Think about questions that the interviewer may ask you and then prepare succinct answers. Don’t depart too much from your CV at the moment as there will be plenty of time at the second interview to talk through more general topics. If you have just graduated college or university, tell the story of what you did there and any temporary work you got involved in.

Your video CV and past positions

How to create a great CV on Video CMD Recruitment

When you are talking about past roles, don’t rush through them too much. You must convey what each position involved, what you achieved and why you decided to leave. Make the topic about what you brought to the role and don’t merely run through a list of tasks. A good memorandum is to produce answers to the following questions for each position:

  • Why did you take the role?
  • How did it help you to move forward?
  • What additional experience/qualifications did you gain?
  • Did the industry suit you?

By taking your time and pre-recording the video of your CV, you are provided with a prime opportunity to showcase your specific talents and qualifications, focusing on your biggest achievements as well as why you are a good fit for the job.

Suggested digital CV questions and answers

Let’s look at some potential answers to the questions above:

  • Why did you take the role? – Why did it appeal to you? How did you see it suit your personality and skills/qualifications? Where did you see it taking you into the future?
  • How did it help you to move forward? What did the position help you to achieve? Did you accomplish anything specific for the business or yourself? What are you proud of during this time?
  • What additional experience/qualifications did you gain? Did your life change in any way? Maybe you completed some additional qualifications? Did you bring to life elements of your personality or skills that had previously lain dormant?
  • Did the industry suit you? Did you feel that you had made the right choice of industry? As time passed, did you see yourself moving forward within the same sector? What specifics of the industry attracted you?

Once you’ve talked through your most current position, explain to the virtual interviewer where you want to go next.  Why do you want to work with their company and where do you see your career going into the future?

The video aims to impress the viewer who is potentially your new employer. They need to finish the recording able to envisage you working for them, seeing you as a skilled and confident potential employee that will bring much to the business.

We can help

Don’t panic if you are having problems creating your CV on video. Get in touch with the team at CMD Recruitment who are always ready to assist. The video of your CV is a valuable commodity so it needs to be put together carefully and professionally.  Having helped many others in the past, you will find the CMD team friendly, accommodating and full of useful information and ideas.

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