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Why a Recruitment Agency is Not a Job Centre

Why a Recruitment Agency is Not a Job Centre

May 2, 2021

With more people looking for work than ever before, it is important to know the difference between the Job Centre and a recruitment firm.

Over the past year, unemployment has risen, leaving more people looking for work and wanting to find ways to change their path or find a new one. The UK Job Centre service offers job seekers positions in their local area to apply for and supports them to get to interview.

However, candidates are now turning more to recruitment agencies in the hope that they will find them a job quicker and can slot them into a role without any experience or skills in that area. If you are looking for a job, then it is important that you understand what a recruitment agency can actually offer you.

What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

Recruitment agencies work on behalf of companies who want to employ candidates. These companies pay a fee for the recruitment support they receive and often have a list of stipulations that need to be met in order to employ a candidate.

It is very rare that a recruitment agency can just slot someone into a role without any experience as firms are looking for high-quality candidates that can navigate their way around their new role without the need for excessive hand-holding.

How Recruitment Agencies Handle Applications

When you apply for a role via a recruitment agency, your application will be reviewed in the same way as if you applied directly to a business. We filter out applications that do not meet the job criteria and shortlist them based on the number of applications we receive and the quality of those applications.

Recruitment Agencies Do Not Get Paid To Provide Advice

Many candidates look to recruitment agencies to get up to date and relevant advice on the job market and what they can do to be successful. It is important to note that while good recruitment services are always happy to support candidates, we never receive any financial gain from this and do it purely to help you find the best role for your skillset.

Many Recruitment Services Work in Specific Industry Areas

When you go to the Job Centre, you will find a huge range of industries that need applicants, allowing you to apply for as many different types of roles as you want. However, recruitment agencies tend to specialise and only offer jobs in one industry area. If you are keen to use a recruitment agency for your next role, then take the time to find one that works in the industry you have experience in.

Let CMD Recruitment Help You Get the Job You Want

At CMD Recruitment, we work with a large number of candidates and help them to find roles that are suited to their skills and experience. If you would like to take a step up or want to find a fresh challenge with a new company, then we are here to help. Call us today to give your career the boost it needs.

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