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Video Interview: How to Make an Impression

Video Interview: How to Make an Impression

May 10, 2020

Digital technology implementations make business tasks more effective and convenient. For the hiring process, many businesses already leverage video interviews to save time and get the most suitable employees. Although video interviews are slightly less nerve-wracking for job seekers, it is still something to take seriously. Good preparation is essential to ensure a positive first impression during the video interview.

Do The Following To Increase Your Chance Of Securing The Job:

Practice – interviewers can still determine whether you are an honest and confident individual through video interviews. You need to go over the common interview questions. When practising for a video interview, try to be convincing when highlighting your knowledge and skills. Look for the best way to showcase your expertise. With enough practice, you can avoid being long-winded and fumbling over your words when responding.

Set Up Your Surrounding – things around you can become real distractions. Make sure that nothing will interfere with your video interview. The best place to do a video interview is at home and let all family members know that you will have a video interview at a specified time. It’s imperative that the room is quiet and no one will walk behind you. Regardless of where you are, an office-like setting is the most ideal. Make sure that the background is well-organised. Lighting must be adequate and avoid having bright illumination directly on your back. Also, avoid doing video interviews in dark areas that make it harder for interviewers to see your face.

Have Good Posture – by having a good body posture, you emanate enthusiasm and confidence during the video interview. Try keeping your shoulders pulled back slightly with your spine comfortably straight. A good posture also allows you to breathe better, relieving any kind of nervousness that you experience during the interview. You may also talk with your hands strategically to bolster your poise and posture. You need to be relaxed, so you can release tension and show your genuine interest when answering questions.

Perform Test Runs – you can’t just assume that Zoom or Skype works smoothly all the time. Check whether your Internet connection is adequate for video interviews. Make sure that your computer is well maintained. If you are experiencing occasional crashes, you need to find the solution to the problem. Perform complete test runs one day before the interview.

Be Yourself – interviewers are looking for honesty and authenticity, so they can find new employees who will become a real asset to the company. Be yourself and the interviewer will appreciate it if you are being genuine.

For more information and help please review our guide: 

To learn more about the benefits of using video interviews, contact CMD Recruitment and speak with a recruitment professional who can answer any questions you might have.

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