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Recruiting in Wiltshire: Attracting Talent

Recruiting in Wiltshire: Attracting Talent

April 25, 2023

Recruiting in Wiltshire can present unique opportunities and challenges. Understanding the county’s business structure, employment ratios, and skilled workforce can help recruiting companies near me tailor their approach to attract the right talent. In this blog, we will explore how to attract talent in Wiltshire based on the findings of our research.

Business Sizes and Employment Ratios in Wiltshire

Wiltshire has a mix of large and small businesses across diverse industries, including defence, engineering, technology, and manufacturing. The county has a different business structure than the national average. It has a higher proportion of micro and small businesses. It also has a lower proportion of large businesses.

According to a report by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, there are over 8,600 businesses registered in Wiltshire, with a total employment of around 130,000 people. Out of these, about 99.3% are micro or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Only the remaining 0.7% were large enterprises, with 250 or more employees.

The employment ratios in Wiltshire are also different from the national average with 5.4% more candidates in employment. The county has a higher proportion of employees in manufacturing and construction sectors.

In contrast, the professional, scientific, and technical sectors have a lower proportion of employees. This means that hiring in Wiltshire for certain types of roles may require different strategies and approaches.

Skills and Education

Another factor that sets Wiltshire apart from the rest of the country is the high level of skills and education among its workforce. The Wiltshire Council’s report revealed that 45% of the county’s working-age population have a degree or equivalent qualification. This is higher than the national average of 38%.

The county has a strong education system. There are multiple colleges and several schools offering training and educational opportunities to the county’s residents. This not only enhances the skills of the local workforce but also attracts talent from other parts of the country.

Recruiting in Wiltshire

Highlight the Unique Opportunities: Wiltshire is known for its diverse economy, with industries such as defence, engineering, and technology. When recruiting in Wiltshire, it’s important to highlight the unique opportunities that the county has to offer, including Wiltshire jobs. By showcasing the potential for growth and career advancement, recruitment agency near me can attract ambitious and skilled talent to the area.

Utilise Local Networks: With a strong education system and skilled workforce, Wiltshire has a network of local talent that can be tapped into. Recruiting through local networks can help identify Wiltshire recruitment talent that is already established in the area. This approach can also help build relationships with local educational institutions, providing a talent pipeline for the future.

Emphasise Work-Life Balance: With its beautiful countryside and lively cities, Wiltshire offers a great work-life balance for professionals. When hiring in Wiltshire, it’s important to emphasise the quality of life that the county has to offer, including Wiltshire jobs. This can include highlighting the proximity to major cities like Bristol and London, as well as outdoor recreational activities like hiking and cycling.

Leverage Digital Channels: With remote work becoming more prevalent, digital channels can be a powerful tool for recruiting in Wiltshire. Social media platforms, job boards, and other digital channels can help recruiting companies near me attract talent from all over the country. This approach can help widen the pool of potential candidates and identify talent that may not be aware of the opportunities in Wiltshire.

Hybrid Roles and Flexible Work: As more companies embrace remote work and flexible schedules, hybrid roles are becoming more common. Offering a hybrid role that combines remote and in-office work can be an attractive option.

How CMD Recruitment Can Support Businesses to Attract Talent in Wiltshire

At CMD Recruitment, we have been operating in the Wiltshire area for over 15 years and have developed a strong network of candidates and clients. We have a deep understanding of the county’s business structure, employment ratios, and skilled workforce. Our tailored recruitment solutions can help businesses attract top talent in the area, utilising our local networks and digital channels to find the right fit for your organisation. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary staff, CMD Recruitment can help you achieve your recruitment goals in Wiltshire.

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