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Knowing When You are Ready for the Next Step in Your Career

Knowing When You are Ready for the Next Step in Your Career

May 9, 2021

Whether you are keen to get ahead or find yourself falling to the back, we are here to help you understand when you should take the next step in your career.


There are a lot of reasons for changing jobs – you may be feeling frustrated in your current role or just want a fresh challenge. However, wanting a change is not enough because you need to be ready for it too! Take a look at our tips to get an idea of when you should feel ready to move ahead and when you should stay put!


Work Out What is Motivating Your Career Change

It’s easy to decide that it is time to move ahead but have you stopped to consider why you are doing it? Have you achieved all that can be achieved in your current role, and there is nowhere else to go but up? Have you completed a course or qualification to support your career development? These are great reasons to choose to progress.


However, if you are frustrated or feel unhappy, then it may be better to work out what is causing your distress and figure out if a promotion is going to help to change that. Many people climb the ladder to avoid what they were doing before, but if the career is not working for you may want to look for a new route rather than a promotion.


Take Time to Make Adequate Plans

Before you start applying for every possible promotion out there, take some time to map out the path you want to take and how you see your career progressing so that you don’t take the wrong step and regret it later on.


Take advice, talk to your manager or HR and consider the routes that are open to you. By planning your next step methodically, you are more likely to feel ready and confident when you do promote.


Understand Your Options

Another vital consideration is whether you want to stay in your current industry or whether you want a fresh start. The great thing about your experience to date is that you will have a raft of transferrable skills that will be attractive to a wide range of employers.


Work out what you have to offer and where your interests lie before you even start looking for jobs. When you are ready to search the market, look at industries that interest you so that you end up with a new role that you are already invested in!


Think About the Future

Finally, when you find a role that interests you, take the time to check out the employer brand to ensure that their values align with yours. You will also need to work out if there is scope for growth in your new role and whether the company will invest in your growth.


Choosing a role to apply for can feel stressful, but if you take the time to find a role with an employer that values their people, then you are more likely to be happier in work and achieve progression in the future. Have a look at our latest vacancies and begin the search for your perfect position today.

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