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Increased Demand For Part-time (And Term-time) Jobs

Increased Demand For Part-time (And Term-time) Jobs

November 2, 2022

The demand for part-time jobs has vastly increased. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that nearly 10 million people now have part-time jobs in the UK. This is the highest number since the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For whatever reason, workers prefer part-time and temporary roles instead of permanent ones. Of those working part-time, 70% (ONS) have confirmed that this is a conscious decision and that they are not looking for a full-time position. 

Why choose part-time work?

But what is so attractive about working part-time? It could be that workers find part-time work more appealing – the same goes for term-time work. If the pay is good then they can earn a decent wage without having to sacrifice family time. Shift work enables workers to boost income whilst working when they want to. From a business point of view, when employers can’t find suitable staff to fill full-time positions, part-timers or temporary staff can offer the perfect solution.

The current cost of living increase is also driving more people to seek part-time roles, ensuring they have enough income to pay for basics such as heating and food. Juggling a couple of part-time roles also enables workers to earn from multiple employers. This provides a good variety of tasks whilst enabling them to add to their skill base whilst being in full control of their work schedule.

Why choose term-time work?

Term-time work is also on the increase with parents choosing to take jobs that fit with school holidays, averaging thirteen weeks per year. Child-minding fees are avoided and quality time can be spent with the family. This balance between work and childcare is a massive advantage, particularly for those with younger children. 

Employers are also beginning to regard term-time flexible working as a plus point. By offering remote working to staff, their reputation as an employer who cares is boosted. Research has shown that as many as 55% of job seekers want flexibility when looking for a new job. Flexible employment terms can be used to attract high-quality talent that will stay put, boosting retention rates and the employer’s standing.

Businesses have also found that by being proactive and offering term-time contracts, absenteeism is reduced. This is because parents no longer have problems with childcare during school holidays so employers know that productivity is not going to suffer.  Where business demand drops off during these key periods, disruption is even less of an issue.


For many parents, the only type of employment that fits is part-time or term-time work. This reduces the stress created by trying to maintain the work-life balance. Employers that show they care by offering this type of work will find no shortage of applicants. Many may have previously worked full-time but now have to work fewer hours due to family commitments.

If you are seeking a part-time or term-time job, the team at CMD Recruitment can help. Register with us today or make use of our job search facility to find a role that fits your family life.

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