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Discover your next job or find your ideal employee with CMD Recruitment, the largest and most established recruitment agency in Wiltshire and Bath.

C-Suite Recruitment — C-Level Talent Experts For Your Executive Appointments

You have a lot on the line when recruiting C-suite execs — find the perfect fit the first time with CMD Recruitment

Hiring at C-Suite Can Be a Challenge

When recruiting for C-suite, standards and expectations are high. And so are the stakes — you can’t afford to hire the wrong person. You’re looking for someone at the top of their game, a leader who can navigate tricky waters while motivating and inspiring those around them. It’s a tall order, but we can help you find C-suite executives worth their weight in gold.

As experienced recruitment specialists , we will connect you with adaptable, versatile leaders who will take your business from strength to strength.

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We Know What to Look For in C-Level Talent

We connect businesses with the best of the best, and we know what to look for in C-level talent. We have a wide, talented and experienced network of executives with remarkable skill and potential. 

When looking for your next C-suite executive, we will look at your specific role, your company as a whole and the needs of your industry to find you the right fit. We place a heavy focus on the following

  • Strong Social Skills: C-suite need to know how to connect with, motivate and inspire those around them. While industry-specific knowledge and skill are important, social skills and communication are abilities we need to see in executives before we progress them.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Today’s leader has a high EQ. They understand and appreciate their team and they know what drives employee engagement. The ability to navigate human emotions is non-negotiable for us. Our candidates are empathetic, self-aware and are able to address workplace conflict head-on.
  • Integrity and Ethical Leadership: More than ever, employee’s are looking for ethical companies with admirable values. C-suite must be a reflection of your company’s standards, while respecting those around them.
  • Change Management Skills: The best companies are agile. You need someone who can lead through change — someone who can reassure uncertain team members and get them excited for what’s to come. We will connect you with leaders  who can confidently steer your business during uncertain times.
  • Leadership and Strategic Planning: We look for strong, innovative thinkers who can create and execute plans that ensure success.
  • Industry-Specific Skills: Every industry has its own set of unique challenges and skills. We look for C-suite executives with a deep understanding of your industry’s nuances and a wealth of specialised knowledge.
  • Cultural Fit: No two companies share the same culture. No matter how skilled or talented a C-suite executive is, if they don’t align with your core values or ethos, they won’t be a good match for you. We take into consideration your company in its entirety to find you the perfect candidate.

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C-Suite Roles We Cover

We’ve helped businesses across a range of recruitment sectors find C-suite talent. From start-ups to SMEs and global enterprises, we will help you find the right executive.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Growth Officer
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Managing Director
  • HR Director
  • Finance Director
  • Director of Customer Service

True Business Success Depends on Great Leaders

A business is nothing without its people — everyone plays a role in contributing to the company’s success and in driving its objectives forward. While no one person is more important than the next, the value of a strong, empathetic and resilient leader really can’t be overstated. These are the people who can drive employee engagement within a company and motivate everyone to perform above and beyond.

A good leader can foster a culture of trust, improve collaboration and boost innovation. By truly understanding the needs and concerns of their team, they can create a supportive atmosphere where people feel valued and motivated to bring their best to the table.
When leaders aren’t up to scratch, business suffers — employee turnover becomes unmanageable and productivity nosedives. This is why it’s so important to get recruitment right at C-suite. We can find you the right person to lead your team.


How We Recruit for C-Suite Positions at CMD Recruitment

When recruiting any candidate, we go to great lengths to tailor our approach to suit our client. Our priority is to make the whole process as seamless and efficient for you as possible, meaning we get on with the hard work behind the scenes without encumbering you with all the details. We’ll keep you posted on updates and progress, but we take care of the legwork and create shortlists of top-quality candidates for you to consider.

To give you a glimpse behind the curtain, this is how our recruitment agency will work with you to find you your next C-suite exec:

  • Defining the role. It all begins with a meeting between us and you. DUring this meeting, we will explore what you want and need from your next employee. We’ll also get to know your organisation — what makes you unique, what your culture looks like and what personality type will best match your company. We combine all of this to create a bespoke recruitment plan.
  • Channel selection. We have a wide and varied talent pool to dive into, but we’ll also create and post job advertisements on relevant job boards to cast a wide net.
  • Creating the shortlist. Once we have a list of potential candidates, we begin to whittle them down by carrying out initial assessments and interviews. A shortlist of qualified candidates is then provided to you, outlining employee skills and strengths
  • Ongoing communication. An open dialogue is important to us. You’ll receive regular updates from your dedicated recruitment specialist, who will remain hard at work hunting down C-suite talent.


Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at candidates at C-level, we generally look far beyond formal education and explore aspects such as specific skills, experience and leadership abilities. Advanced degrees can and might be beneficial for certain roles, although they are certainly not always required. More important are qualities such as strategic thinking, decision-making prowess and industry-specific expertise. We also look at abilities such as effective communication, emotional intelligence and a history of inspiring teams, so evidence of this on your CV will set you in good stead. We also want to see ability to navigate challenges, adaptability, resilience and innovation.

Preparation for an interview at C-suite will involve thorough research of the position and company in question. Research and consider the company’s challenges and ethos, including the larger industry landscape. Analyse how your particular leadership style might align with the company’s. Prepare answers for questions relating to your leadership philosophy, decision-making approach and ability to drive growth and innovation.

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Recruiting for a C-level position might feel like an overwhelming task. You don’t want to compromise on performance or productivity, and you want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We can help you. Our expert team here at CMD Recruitment specialises in identifying top-tier C-level executives who drive growth, innovation and success for your organisation. We only work with the best. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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