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Technological Advancements & Future Trends

Technological Advancements & Future Trends

June 27, 2020

The current pandemic has amplified the speed in which technology is evolving; adapting future trends for the recruitment industry. Our Candidate Manager, Sophie Ward, discusses this further:


Technology is everywhere, and having a number of years of experience working as an IT specialist recruiter I have experienced first-hand how technology has developed and evolved over the last few years from the various companies I have recruited for, as well as the way in which the recruitment process is being conducted.


The way in which technology is used has been amplified over these last few months due to the current pandemic and having to adjust to the way in which we communicate and keep in touch with clients, candidates, and colleagues alike.


I have noticed changes in demand in various areas of technology due to the way it is having an effect on recruitment as a whole, such as Mobile and UX/UI developers, Video Calling and Artificial Intelligence.


A couple of key trends that will be important to look out for in the near future will include:

  • Mobile Application/Social Media usage
  • Video Calling

Mobile Applications – 

One of the most common ways candidates view an organisations website and job portal is through their mobile devices. Mobile devices have developed dramatically over the years allowing us to do more and more on our phones than ever before. 


As an example, Mobile Application Developers and User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Developers will become more sought after, due to these individuals being responsible for making a website or web application as interactive, engaging and easy to navigate for the user as possible.

Mobile Application usage can also go hand in hand with Social Media, as there are currently 3.8 billion active social media users in the world as of 2020, with this number having increased by 321 million from this time last year. Ensuring Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few, are utilised effectively has never been more important.


Video Calling –

The second trend to be considered and that will be more heavily utilised throughout the recruitment process will be the use of Video Calls, from both the clients’ point of view as well as for the candidates.


Due to the recent pandemic video conferencing/interviewing has come a long way in a short space of time due to the fact that this has been one of the very few ways to continue that communication link with all parties. 


Videoing can be useful for recruitment agencies looking to build a rapport and be more interactive with their candidates to gain a greater understanding of their needs and wants in their future career search. It also allows organisations to conduct interview stages/interactive tests or even group discussions all at the touch of a button.


Technology as we know will continue to evolve and become more ingrained in our day to day working life. Therefore the challenge will be working on utilising and reaping the rewards from using technology effectively to make the most of what is on offer to us.

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