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Preparing for the “New Normal”

Preparing for the “New Normal”

May 20, 2020

With businesses beginning to reopen and the country on track to begin life outside of lockdown, what have we learnt from the last few months and what will the “new normal” begin to look like? Our Business Development Manager, Joe Lacey, shares his thoughts on preparing for the “new normal”. 

Let’s be honest, this has been a very strange and challenging time for everyone whatever your personal circumstances. It could be your anxious about your Business/ Job security, your finances, juggling family needs, and getting the right balance, but most importantly worrying about yours and your loved ones’ physical/mental health.


This is a time to check in with your clients, suppliers, or contacts, see how they are but most importantly if they are prepared for their ‘new normal.’ Moving forward, what are they going to need to put in place to adapt to the new guidelines? What have they learnt about the operation of their business whilst in lockdown? In the last couple of weeks, you can see many businesses/employees preparing themselves for a new way of life. Whether that be PPE, scattered working timetables, working from home. The roads are becoming busier, the sense of ‘The new normal’ has started.

CMD are starting preparations to support anyone to find a solution to any questions or concerns you may have. Whether that be in your office or finding new job opportunities.

It is interesting hearing different opinions on working from home and knowing whether it’s right for your business. I guess the questions that need to be asked are:

  • Has it made you more productive?
  • Could yours or colleagues working week be split between the office and home?
  • Is there more scope in the flexibility or working hours you provide rather than 9-5?


For me personally, I enjoy the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the office. Integration with my colleagues, whether congratulating them at their best times or supporting them at their worst. Celebrating achievements as a Team is a powerful boost to anyone’s self-esteem. Then there are our clients, some of which I have formed a brilliant relationship with and enjoy speaking to them about current needs, future recruitment or even what they might be up to at the weekend! Speaking with potential clients, understanding their business needs, and showing what support we can offer. What a great job I have!

Now the future is all about change and we need to understand and learn how these changes can be a positive step if we all work together. We need to stay in touch to share our concerns but mainly share all our future success stories.

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