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How to Prepare for an Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview

June 6, 2024

The best way to feel in control during an interview is to make sure you are as prepared as possible. Good preparation can make all the difference and could even help to sway the interview panel in your favour, even if there are candidates more qualified for the role.

Being able to show up and be your best self during the interview process is an excellent skill to develop. Once you have your interview preparation routine decided, it will become much easier to get ready for this all important meeting.

In this guide, we’re looking at some of the most common interview preparation steps to consider to help ensure you come out on top every time.

How to Prepare for an Interview CMD Recruitment

Review your CV

Before heading into any interview setting, you need to know your CV inside out. It’s common for candidates to forget important details they have included on their CV, which can lead hiring managers to wonder if they have stretched the truth a little.

To avoid any doubt, make sure that you are familiar with your own CV. This will also help to ensure you are providing them with additional information when you answer questions, and not just repeating information they already know from your CV.

Review the job description

The interview questions will be designed to dig deeper into your work experience and your aptitude for the role. So an understanding of the job description is essential for your preparation.

For every point mentioned in the job description, think about how you might answer a question related to your aptitude in this field. Can you think of examples of times where you have had to employ particular skills?

How to Prepare for an Interview CMD Recruitment

Research the company

You need to have a good understanding of the company you are asking to join and where they are positioned in the market. You need to know what challenges they are facing and what opportunities they have. 

You should also understand who their main competitors are and how they are responding to the competitive landscape. Keep an eye on the news for any coverage about the company that might help to inform your stance in the interview.

Prepare some questions

An interview should always be a two-way conversation, but you will struggle to hold up your side of the conversation if you don’t have any curiosity about the role. At the end of the interview, you will often be given the opportunity to ask questions, and it can make a good impression on the hiring manager if you make the most of this opportunity.

Prepare a few questions so that you have some backup questions if your primary questions are answered naturally throughout the interview.

How to Prepare for an Interview CMD Recruitment

Take control of the day

Simple preparation tips like picking your outfit the night before and making sure you know the route to the interview location will help you to remain in control. If you leave things to the last minute, you might be leaving your interview success in the hands of other people, and this will cause unnecessary stress.

Take control of the day by preparing for anything that is out of your control, and taking charge of anything that is completely in your control.

Practise common interview question

Some interview panels are choosing to share the questions they will be asking ahead of time. This gives you a chance to prepare your answers so you can be confident you are presenting the very best version of yourself.

If you don’t have the interview questions in advance, don’t panic. You can practise answering some of the most common interview questions. While these might not crop up exactly as you are expecting to hear them, you will at least have taken the time to think about how you might answer common interview questions with your current CV and the job description in mind.

How to Prepare for an Interview CMD Recruitment

Confirm the details ahead of time

If there is anything you are unsure about, always confirm the details rather than risking guessing and getting it wrong. Details could include things like:

  • Where the interview will be held
  • The format of the interview
  • If you can take notes into the interview
  • How long the interview will take
  • The dress code for the office
  • Who you will be meeting with

Get feedback from previous hiring managers

There could be simple mistakes you are making that lead hiring managers to doubt your ability or aptitude. Without asking for feedback, you might never know that these limitations exist.

After every unsuccessful interview, you should always request feedback to find out if there is any insight that could help to inform your next interview. This will allow you to get a little closer to success every time. 

How to Prepare for an Interview CMD Recruitment

Be aware of your body language

Your body language does most of the communicating for you. Many candidates don’t think about how their body language starts speaking before they do. Be aware of what your body language says about you and how this might influence a hiring manager.

This is one area where working with a recruiter can be incredibly helpful. Ask for feedback on things like your body language, choice of clothing, and how you present yourself to new people. First impressions are incredibly important in an interview context.

Practise makes perfect

A lot of people think that the ability to impress in an interview is a skill that you either have or you don’t have, but this isn’t the case. It’s a skill that is learned like any other. By addressing the areas where you fall short, you can start to improve and you will gradually feel more confident in your approach.

Rather than worrying about whether you have the natural skills or not, try to focus on whether you have done everything in your power to prepare for the interview. This will help to set you apart from the other applicants, even if they are more qualified than you. Good preparation will always help you to stand out and make a good impression. 

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