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Loyalty or Leave?

Loyalty or Leave?

August 19, 2021

With furlough fast approaching its end, how your company has handled the turbulence of Covid-19 is certainly going to be a contender on the security of your future staff.

Candidates have been scared to move jobs under the current pandemic crises, feeling it’s better to ride it out time with their current employer than jump ship and potentially lose all the security that furlough has provided.

However, with the furlough scheme ending, are those unhappy employees going to be on the market for a new job opportunity?


How have you treated your staff?

One impacting reason why employee’s may look for new employment is how their company has handled their expectations, concerns and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Turbulent times really puts companies to the test and none so more than their loyalty and protection of current staff members. Companies who have fought hard to ensure their staff wellbeing is paramount to the success of the company have really shone through. This has increased their employer brand, staff loyalty, productivity and overall success. The highest culture and value ratings on Glassdoor occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Showing that prioritising staff wellbeing really has paid off.

Those companies who may have prioritised other elements of their business (not by any means of malice) may have led their employees to feel neglected and subsequently derailed staff morale and loyalty.

A huge percentage of employee concerns have arisen from being “left out of the loop” especially when working remotely. If remote working was a brand-new aspect that they have been thrown into, that physical and emotional removal from the office have left many feeling very isolated. Craving some communication, update, and plan of action.


There’s still time to turn it all around


With furlough approaching its end, remember that it’s not quite here yet. Meaning you have time to plan and energise your team’s passion for your company.

Start with communication. Find out how your staff are feeling on returning to the office, work out a strategy to combat any concerns and plan for the post-lockdown future, considering factors such as critical roles to the workplace, company values, attitude towards flexible working, and how to incorporate training and progression.


Ask about concerns, experiences and challenges. Gather feedback on a peer-to-peer platform to build a baseline of learning and growth.


Over 85% of employees said they wanted more help from employers. Offering support from the top through webinars and other forums really help to support your staff. Leaders encouraging staff to be open about their working patterns has helped to staff to manage their work and life and work responsibilities.

Focus on mental health and wellbeing. listen to people’s issues and concerns, then explore potential support and solutions, particularly for the long term. Create a wellbeing forum that highlights a topic with associated content and links.


Change the process. Gather this information and change your processes to make long-term change. Show your staff you are aware of their concerns and taking action to make your work environment positive. This will validate your employees concerns and show you are not only listening to them but taking their concerns onboard.

Is it going to work?

Only time will tell. We definitely predict a change in the market come the end of furlough. Any passive candidates questioning their position at their current organisation are likely to appear on the job boards as an active candidate post furlough.

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