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How to stand out from the crowd

How to stand out from the crowd

June 3, 2020

With the recruitment market toughening for candidates as positions become more sought after, how are you ensuring you stand out from the crowd and get picked for that perfect job? Our Candidate Manager, Nicole Lennards, shares her thoughts: 

Lockdown is a test for everyone however, why not try and be the best version of yourself after? You may want to start a new career, work in an industry you are passionate about or start over completely.


There is an average of 100 applicants per new job on the market and only 4 people are selected for the interview stage. How are you going to ensure you get through to the next stage and secure your ideal position? What is your unique selling point? These are some tips on how to improve your prospects back on the job market.



Learn a new skill


There are so many free courses online that you can complete in the comfort of your own home and keep your brain working. This may be a course in your industry to help towards a promotion or learn about a whole new industry to add to your skill. This will show future employers you have made the best of the time available, you are determined, willing to push yourself, learn and grow.





Keeping your CV up to date is key, as you are showing the recruiter or employer all your skills and experience. Try and make your hobbies more interesting than socialising with friends. Think about any interesting books that you have read, the games you play or challenges you have completed like Tough Mudder, to bring more personality to your CV. Spell check is essential as 57% of hiring managers/recruiters will reject a candidate based solely on this!


LinkedIn is becoming an ever-growing part of hiring and recruiting, so why don’t you make your profile shine! Ensure your profile picture is a professional-looking headshot (not a picture at a wedding with someone cut out next to you!). Update the skills that you have gained and try to encourage endorsements.

Why not join some business networks and become members of relevant industries to keep your knowledge up to date in an ever-changing market?


93% of recruiters and hiring managers will check an applicant’s social media, this gives them an insight into the type of person you are, so be cautious on sharing any potentially offensive material.



Practice makes perfect


Most people find going to interviews intimidating, why not practice an interview Q&A so when the time comes you feel more prepared and confident with your answers. You will come across professional, calm under pressure and know what you are talking about.


Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular method to make a hiring decision, so make yourself more comfortable with the camera. Recruiters are also using this software more as meetings are not always possible. Your recruitment consultant can give you feedback and any points you can improve on.


Within the commercial market, skills tests are also a big part of the interview process, this is normally a data entry exercise which will show your typing speed and accuracy. These can be found online for free or recruitment agencies have access to assessments also, so you can practice and improve on.





Now your CV is the best it can be, always write a cover letter to accompany your application to outline your strengths and why you believe you are a good match for the position. Putting in the extra effort will help towards being shortlisted for the next stage. Why not also add a blog you have written or a portfolio of your work so they can see exactly what you are capable of?


Recruiters are more likely to submit your details to the client if they know you are truly interested in the position and you have outlined your skills.


Working closely with a recruiter brings lots of benefits as they can give you feedback throughout and help you along the process.


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