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Will There Be A Big Shift in People When the Coronavirus Vaccine is Fully Rolled Out?

Will There Be A Big Shift in People When the Coronavirus Vaccine is Fully Rolled Out?

March 16, 2021

With millions of people throughout the UK already having had their first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine it finally looks as though there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the world returning to normal sometime in the not too distant future. This will mean organisations and employees can return to their places of work, and businesses can return to normal once the restrictions are gradually lifted.


Throughout the course of the pandemic, on the whole, candidate flow has been slow and this has created a very candidate driven jobs market. Many have wanted to stay in their current roles until the end of the pandemic in order not to have any more uncertainty at a time when things are so completely up in the air in all areas of our lives.


Many have stayed put in their roles as they worry that if they joined a new organisation and there was a need for employee numbers to be reduced they would be first in line to be let go.


It is thought that once the Coronavirus vaccine has been more fully rolled out and life begins returning to some sense of normalcy that there will be far more candidates looking for new roles.


One of the factors for people wanting to leave their current roles for pastures new could be down to the way they have been treated by their organisation during the pandemic. Many may believe they have been treated poorly when it comes to things like furlough, and many may have suffered with poor communication from leaders, not being given the right technology to do their job to the best of their ability from home, and a multitude of other things. Those who feel they have been let down or not valued enough will be quick to look for new roles once things return to some semblance of normal.


Employees will also be mindful of how flexible their employers have been when it comes to things such as home schooling and fitting work around the demands of family life during the pandemic. Working from home has posed challenges for everyone and this has been especially true of those who have had to balance working from home with home schooling children whilst it’s deemed too unsafe to have schools open. Employers who have been flexible and understanding with their employees are undoubtedly far more likely to be rewarded with better staff retention rates than those who haven’t.


Another factor that will be a major one in whether employees stick with current organisations or look for new roles elsewhere is what policies will be with regards to home and remote working once the vaccine has been fully rolled out and it is safe to return to working in the office environment.


Many employees may have found that they enjoy working from home far more than in their usual place of work throughout the enforced period of doing so thanks to the pandemic. If organisations aren’t willing to allow their team members to work remotely full or even part time, this may mean a lot of employees will begin seeking roles with companies who do allow and encourage this way of working.


A recent study carried out by Ceridian showed that whilst money is the number one motivator for an individual to apply to a new role, this is closely followed by a good work-life balance, showing just how important it is that organisations are committed to ensuring this balance is achieved in order to attract and retain top talent.


Organisations that are willing to adapt in order to allow employees to work from home or even work remotely from anywhere in the world will be the ones that are most likely to hang onto their top talent who will appreciate this flexibility and the ability to better balance work and life.


Some of the best organisations will be those who when asked by candidates about their working from home and flexible working policies will have answers that are clear, considered and truly appeal to candidates.  They’ll also be the ones who support learning, personal development and project-based opportunities as these are all things that workers value highly as they look to improve and grow throughout the course of their careers. As there looks set to be a large number of candidates seeking out new roles in the near future, it’s time for organisations to look closely at these things and ensure they are doing all they can to attract top candidates.


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