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Operations Manager’s Response to CMD Recruitment’s Wiltshire Labour Market Survey

Operations Manager’s Response to CMD Recruitment’s Wiltshire Labour Market Survey

October 21, 2020

CMD Recruitment recently conducted a Wiltshire Employment Market survey for 2020. We asked local Business Owners, Recruiters, HR Managers and Hiring Managers to discuss the knock-on effects Covid-19 has had to their business and recruitment activity.

By targeting Wiltshire only, we hope to outline a true reflection on the impact Covid-19 has had to local businesses and identify future changes to Wiltshire’s Employment Market. We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our survey.

Following our survey response, we asked our Operations Manager, Dan Barfoot, his thoughts on the results gathered:

“I think with Wiltshire having so many SME companies we have certainly felt the effects of lockdowns and this pandemic, with furlough & redundancies both being higher than ideal numbers”

CMD Recruitment’s survey highlighted that 52% of Wiltshire businesses had furloughed staff and 29.7% have had to make redundancies.

Dan Barfoot continued by stating that, “a lot of companies have had to embrace remote working with office space sometimes at a premium but had to take the risk with productivity”

81% of organisations have implemented remote working with only 30.5% stating that they feel home working has increased staff productivity.

Continuing this point, Dan Barfoot stated that “Some companies have flourished adopting and adapting their working ways whilst others have had to make some drastic changes to working patterns and company structure to make this viable.”

Dan Barfoot concludes by commenting on the current recruitment climate by stating that “there has started to be signs of grass roots appearing in terms of companies hiring, however, with most candidates being reluctant to change at present due to the risk associated, this means sometimes talented people are hard to find.”

The survey found that 62% said they will recruit in the next 6 months.

With the recruitment landscape changing here at CMD, we have been working and providing dedicated consultative support to our clients throughout this difficult and unprecedented Covid-19 period.

By illustrating and understanding the current market, we are confident we’re in a strong position to support your business; whether you need assistance with your overwhelming ad response, support with gaining a better understanding of your market during these times or whether you need a clear and concise insight in how your business can move forward with your recruitment requirements.

If you would like a FREE full copy of our latest survey response or more information on how we can help, get in touch with our expert team today.

01225 805080

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