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A View Of The Recruitment Market In 2021

A View Of The Recruitment Market In 2021

June 9, 2021

After 17 years of working in the recruitment industry I thought that I’d seen it all, but I could never have predicted the market landscape that we’ve seen this year. The global pandemic has had major repercussions on all areas of society and on all industries, but for the recruitment sector, the impact has been truly astounding.

Our team have never before had so many open roles across all areas of our business, and never before have we had to work so hard to search for suitably talented candidates. Yes, it’s fair to say that the life of the recruitment consultant is usually tough, but this year, it just got a lot harder.

With all of this in mind, I thought it was time to take a closer look at how the recruitment landscape is looking in the Wiltshire area right now and in the immediate future, and to offer some advice to companies who are struggling to get the personnel that they need to plug their staffing gaps.

Why Are Businesses Struggling To Recruit?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken its toll on all sectors. More people than ever have changed their careers and left industries that they were previously working in. Meanwhile, employers were obliged to lay off many of their staff members at the beginning of the crisis and now that the world is beginning to open back up again they are faced with the prospect of trying to operate their business on a skeleton crew. With so many companies trying to attract the most talented candidates, it isn’t too surprising that there’s just a shortage of skilled people to go around.

The Immediate Future

Although there is currently a shortage of candidates, there’s likely to be a flood of entrants into the Wiltshire job market in the near future. In July and August, there are set to be a string of redundancies at Honda, and those skilled personnel will be seeking suitable roles with other local businesses. Yet, for businesses still searching for staff, it’s important to take the right approach, while for those who are looking for work, weighing up all the pros and cons is also important.

My Advice For Job Seekers

For new entrants to the Wiltshire job market, my main piece of advice is to be realistic about what is out there. You may need to be prepared to accept a package that is less attractive that the one you used to enjoy. Essentially, weighing up the pros and cons of each position is key. Is it more important to you to be in a role or are you prepared to wait until the perfect post comes along? Do you need to think in the long-term or will any job do at the present time? It’s also possible to consider taking on temporary work until a more suitable permanent position to meet your needs comes up.

My Advice For Businesses

For companies that are still struggling with their recruitment, it’s important to listen to feedback and take steps to rectify any issues in the talent seeking process. Working with an experienced team of recruitment consultants is the best solution.

Thanks to our many years of proven experience in the industry, we’re best-placed to offer you valuable insights into the current state of play in the job market and how to go about attracting the right members to join your team. For example, if you’re still posting job adverts that have no listed salary, you’re wasting your time. You’ll just end up interviewing people who have no interest when they discover that the role isn’t in their salary bracket. It’s important to pitch your adverts appropriately so that every applicant is a potential winner.

My next piece of advice for businesses is to start contingency planning. At the moment, it’s difficult to fill temporary roles, so unless you’re able to offer ongoing work, you may struggle to complete your team. This is, again, why working with an experienced recruitment consultancy team is so important. We can help you to plan ahead and to devise an effective strategy.

We can pre-plan for you, check out the current marketplace and do all the hard work so that you don’t have to. Essentially, you may need to accept that you have to wait a while to find the right candidate for your needs, but if one becomes available it’s important to seize the opportunity straight away. The best candidates are receiving up to five offers from employers, so you don’t want to miss out.

If waiting isn’t an option, you may want to look for temporary workers or even for a candidate that doesn’t tick all your boxes but has potential. With our team working on your behalf you’ll be in the best position to snap up the best talent as soon as it appears on the landscape.

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